Introduction to Script and Screen Writing

Course Description


This course which takes place at THE NATIONAL STATE THEATRE in Pretoria, City of Tshwane, will cover writing for the stage, screen and radio. It will focus on the construction of stories and the telling of them in a dramatic form. We will read, watch and listen to a wide range of scripts and screenplays and study their structure. We will examine plot and story, methods of characterization and the function of dialogue. We will also consider the industry and its expectations and how scripts should be presented.


Aims and Objectives The main aim of the course is to encourage you to write a script, to enjoy it and to continue writing. We also aim to familiarise you with underlying structural bones of script and screenwriting. It will also give you the opportunity to write and present a script in a constructive environment.



Specific objectives: �Y�nto encourage students to familiarise themselves with the fundamental structure of script and screenwriting �Y�nto adopt a critical approach to viewing (and listening to) films, plays and theatrical productions �Y�nto learn how understanding the structure of a script can facilitate ones writing �Y�nto focus on plot, story, and characterisation �Y�nto understand the use of dialogue in exposition and plot and character development �Y�nto recognise the necessity of rewriting



Learning Outcomes At the end of the course students should be able to: �Y�nwrite scripts with much greater confidence �Y�ndemonstrate an understanding of the structure of script and screenwriting �Y�nuse dialogue in exposition and to develop plot and character �Y�nlearn how to create and develop characters �Y�ndemonstrate an understanding of narrative shape �Y�npresent a script in a professional manner


There will be ten two-hour workshops which will include discussions, analyses of extracts of films and other scripts and writing exercises. Throughout the course, you will be able to develop your own script within the workshops and there will be an opportunity to have them read out within the group.



SCRIPT WRITING BLACK EDUCATION UPGRADINGr�s Scriptwriting Outreach Programme is one of many disciplines supported by the National Lottery . ". The Project programme, developed by BLACK EDUCATION UPGRADINGr�s (BE-UP), aims to help beginners in the art of scriptwriting to do just that. While BE-UP is constituted to support the training of professional writers, the Association�s experience shows that it is imperative to develop what it calls "entry level writers". There is a considerable need for BE-UP�s training intervention. As it points out, tertiary educational courses in the field are often inaccessible to aspiring writers because of Illiteracy,Unemployment,poverty cost and location. The Beginner�s Programme aims to fill that gap, as well as concentrating on teaching those skills in areas "that have been sidelined because of the past country�s socio-political history". Training comprises three two-day workshops run by experienced international scriptwriters who worked with people like Spike Lee,John Saxon. David Hasselhof and Denzel Washington.. The objectives are for the 80 participants to acquire: understanding of film and television as genres; presentation skills, ranging from preparing CVs to submitting film proposals; knowledge of how to pitch a film to producers; capacity to create a treatment for either a 24-minute film or TV drama pilot; and realisation that scriptwriting is only one of many types of writing that they will need to support their careers.


The workshops are separated by a month, during which participants complete assignments from the previous workshop. Workshop two focuses on reworking the learners� submissions, and the third on readings of final scripts. BEUP emphasises that "Broadcasters, producers, directors and audiences are looking for the challenge of new and fresh stories that reflect our dynamic South African Society. The new Television and radio channels in the Drama Departments need strong voices! BEUP believes that we can facilitate this process! It all starts with the script!". Indeed it does. And given BE-UP�s considerable experience as a training organisation � having run many programmes, workshops, seminars and master classes in its 15-year history � the beginner scriptwriters will be in good hands.



BE-UP is helping learners who want to pursue their careers into the world of Digital Film Making.BE-UP is Preparatory institution for  dedicated to teaching aspects of Basic filmmaking, including such subjects as film production, Music Videos, Documentaries,  film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting. Film history courses and hands-on technical training are usually incorporated into most film school curricula. Technical training which includes instruction in the use and operation of cameras, lighting equipment, film or video editing equipment and software, and other relevant equipment.

After  completion of the course then they are sent to further their knowledge at institutions like Big Fish

                              LOCAL TALENT

The re is a dire need for local talent to show case their creative innovative works which they have filmed locally this is evidence as there is a new Mnet channel called Mzazi Magic,This channel presents an exciting new platform for the South African creative industry, and a new destination for viewers who are interested in proudly South African entertainment.�